2021-04-10 · On the face of it, gain staging couldn't be simpler: you ensure that you feed an appropriate level from the first stage of your signal path to the next, and repeat this from the second stage to the third and so on, all the way from your instruments, mics and preamps to the final stereo mix bus.


Hey all, this will be my first post on the forum. I seem to have a problem with static/white noise. even when my mic is muted on my Behringer x2222. My mic is an AKG P420. The white noise always shows up when I normalize a track, whether I'm recording nothing or my guitar or voice. I'll put up

With many guitarists now opting for in-the-box guitar recording options, understanding the relationship between gain staging and your amp of choice is more important than ever. If you’re new to either concept – don’t worry. Gain staging sounds intimidating and can take some time to perfect, but it’s a skill that goes well beyond guitar tracking. This process is called gain staging (or gain structuring). Essentially, you are setting the level of amplification (gain) at every stage in your signal chain. This will give you the volume and tone you desire from your speakers, whether onstage or in the studio.

Gain staging guitar recording

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For example, gain staging actually begins on the guitar itself, by setting the optimum distance between your instrument’s pickups and strings. If they are too far apart from each other, the sound will be thin and the power of the signal at this first stage will be weak, which can introduce hum and/or hiss when you turn up the amplifier to compensate.

There are many ways to ensure you’re starting off with the best possible sound, but Turn Up the Pres and Mix with the Faders. One of the biggest mistakes even seasoned live sound engineers make is setting Applying Gain Staging. As pictured above, the re-amp process requires us to adapt the balanced, relatively low impedance output from our DAW to the unbalanced, high impedance input of the amp or pedal(s) in question. The biggest factor in managing the gain staging of your re-amping signal chain is your choice of adapter.

Whether you’re recording or mixing, gain staging is a crucial step to making your song sound professional. Turn up an instrument that was recorded too quietly and you’ll get a lot of extra noise with it. If an instrument is too loud, it’ll start distorting. Your song will sound muddier and quieter than those on the radio.

One mistake a lot of guitarists make with using pedals is gain staging. First off, the actual level or amount of signal that you’re pushing into an amplifier influences your tone. We have to be aware when putting devices in our signal chain as they can change our gain staging. Gain staging is the act of ensuring 'healthy' levels throughout each stage of the recording and mixing process - too low and you're not using the full resolution of the recording medium and you might run into noise issues, too high and you run the risk of overloads. 2018-06-01 2017-11-23 2021-03-09 2019-07-02 Steps To Correct Gain Staging While Recording Drums. The first step to achieving great quality sound is to start with a good quality recording.

Gain staging guitar recording

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Most meters will “sticky” the peak level, meaning it shows  9 Dec 2011 The main problem I'm having right now is when I record my guitar, the track is http://www.basic-home-recording-studio.com/gain-staging.html. 14 Nov 2012 depending on guitar this will usually range between 2 and 6 on volume. This point has been further driven home since getting my Recording Amp  9 May 2015 Gain staging (or gain structure) is the process of setting the gain optimally in each stage of a recording system or reinforcement system. 28 Jan 2014 mundane matters like gain staging and recording levels I've decided the gain knob, unless it's for added boost -- in the guitar pedal sense,  I have read enough about gain-staging on this forum to know what it is and why it is So I record all my tracks (with no clipping), then bring them into my DAW For some reason when I see an ambient mic on my guitar chain  BTW what you're discussing in your post is not gain staging.

In a smaller or larger scale, anything will  The first step in good Gain Staging technique is creating a good recording level. Ideally you want your levels coming in at -18 dBFS but no more than -12 dBFS. 5 Feb 2020 Gain staging is creates clarity in any recording process.
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19 Guitar Amp Settings for the Best Electric Rock Tone. A guide of presets and amp settings that are best for Marshall or Fender amplifiers, with EQ 

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